Tifanii “Showtime” (Formally Of MTV Making The Band 3)

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“Tifanii” beat out about 800 contestants locally to win a spot on Diddy’s create-a-girl-group MTV reality show, ”Making the Band 3”. ‘The hip-hop impresario knows her as Tiffany, one of the singers struggling to become a star on his create-a-girl-group MTV reality show, Making the Band 3. “My name is Tiffany, and I’m 21”, the young woman said on the series premiere, introducing herself to the Beyonce wannabes who would share a trendy New York City loft and a life of limos, clubs and show biz. “I like singing and having fun and I’m from Virginia Beach, Virginia”. Trouble is, she isn’t any of those things. Well, except for the part about singing and her residence. She is Davrielle Smith, a Chesapeake resident who has performed for years at local fairs and festivals as Lil Dee Dee. And she is Lil, or at least a lot littler than the rest of Diddy’s pretties.

At the time, she was a sophomore at Western Branch High School and only 15. Davrielle (pronounced Dah-vree-el) skipped school to crash auditions at an Oceanfront nightspot. She used a cousin’s fake ID to get around the 18-and-older age limit, which forced her to adopt her cousin Tiffany’s name which has since been changed in spelling to Tifanii.

Since then, Tifanii emerged on the scene as a Total Entertainment Industry Package acing the abilities to sing, dance, model, act and write her own music. With the soulful sound of a seasoned songstress, this young lady has performed many places and amongst some of the greats, young & old such as: Vivica Fox, Morris Chesnut, Clifton Davis, Clipse, Monique, Chris Brown and starred in a theatrical play with Thelma (from Good Times) Howard Hewitt, Sammie and Dave Hollister.

This year has brought Tifanii a host of new opportunities ranging from being the musical highlight at the 2008 Southwestern Athletic Conference Championship games to being one of two R&B artists on the otherwise hip-hop BET’s Spring Bling Mixtape; from being in the presence of mega producers like Brian Michael Cox, Swizz Beatz and a host of others to recording new music for the new Tifanii!

Now 18, this young lady will surprise the music industry just like she did her opponents from Making the Band, viewers across the country and world, as well as fans and supporters.

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Miss Dade County-(Miami,Florida)

Miss Dade County

About Miss Dade County

It was March 5, 1988 when a young prodigy was born, Deanna “D” Peña. Born to a musical genius and a street smart business women, Deanna best known as D, was born and raised in Miami Dade County and learned the hard knocks of life from her family and the streets of the Magic City. She was raised in an urban neighborhood and attended inner city schools. Though times were rough, her father showed her how to forget about the hard times through music, but just like any other child, who wants to do what their parents want them to do when their young. So she became an aspiring actress in Elementary school then crossed over to the delights of the world of dance towards the end of Junior High. Even though she tried the various areas of the arts, it was not her calling, her father was right after all…music was her calling.

Having many older brothers and sisters, She observed one of her older brothers in particular, her older brother O.G. Cujo, a well known local gangster rapper. Her brother taught tricks here and there, and from her own observations she developed her talent. During Middle school D advanced in the art of rhyme and free style. It was then she realized that she had answered her calling. The talent came to her so naturally. She found her nature in rhyming about everything from her lifestyle, such as her up bringing in a poor neighborhood , seeing the evils of the world face to face and losing plenty of loved ones along the way. Then she found more enjoyment in writing lyrics that people can dance and have fun listening to. There was plenty to vent about, but Deanna knew in her heart that her venting turned into amazing rhymes.

After High School, Deanna wanted to get into the wonderful world of music, and the category of her choice? Of course, Hip Hop. In her venture to join what is now a nation of Hip Hop, Deanna has worked hard to get to know the right people that would help her get initiated into this ever growing nation. She started out modeling, with Ethnicity Models, a well known and respected modeling agency, having the chance to work with artist such as, The Clipse, T.I., Trick Daddy, and others. Throughout her modeling career she was able to view the talents of other music artists and realized that she also attained that talent. With determination and prayer, her modeling career landed her in the eyes of several entertainment producers. She is now an upcoming artist with Tha Otherz, a production company who is now opening new doors for her in the nation of hip hop, with the well known all around entertainment mogul, C.O. C.O a.k.a Mr. Piscapo is guiding Deanna to the new heights in the music industry while showing her all the tricks of the trade. Which means she is now developing into a better artist and is also learning how to handle the business side.

Now that she has received her well deserved opportunity to show her talent, it is undeniable by the ears of everyone who hears D, that the nation of Hip Hop is definitely her new place of residence. D, now known as Miss Dade County, belongs here and realized that there is no place, like this new home. Now she is in route to the road of success in the world of music, her dreams are now becoming reality and there is no stopping
Miss Dade County

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Pam Rodriguez

Pam Rodriguez has a little dork in her. Still, after combining her love of comic books and nudity with pamrodriguez.com, the mild-mannered Puerto Rican–and–Guatemalan mix-up is super in our book. “I wanted my site to have a comic theme because I love comic books,” the 25-year-old explains. “[My fans] love my heroine roles.”

Pretending to be Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy in harrowing situations, like being locked behind bars, will get comic geeks’ spidey senses tingling—we get it. But the petite Los Angeles–born beauty with the 34C-22-37 curves hopes the Web design (complete with starbursts, text boxes and quote bubbles) and members’ area—which includes candid galleries, a personal diary and footage of her photo shoots in high-definition—will get equal attention. “I want them to feel exclusive,” the Cal State graduate says of her members. “Once they join, I want them to feel like my VIPs.”

And what’s most important to Ms. Rodriguez is revealing her inner superhero to her public. “Her name is Pammy 69, an agent solving mysteries and being a sex adviser on how to please a woman,” she laughs. “I also show my naughty side by hypnotizing my enemies with my 69 pose.” ’Nuff said.

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Nicki Minaj

Niki Minaj is the first lady of Lil Wayne’s Young Money and she recently won Best Female in the Underground Music Awards. People get caught up in the fact that she’s pretty and sometimes hypersexualized, not realizing that she is very talented. Homegirl can spit, but she also studied drama at New York’s F.H. LaGuardia H.S. aka “The Fame School” (also my alma mater). Understand the talent that is about to be unleashed!

I’ve been disappointed with the way people have been interviewing her. OK, let’s say, the way men have been interviewing her. Every Minaj interview so far involves the interviewer shamelessly flirting or making lame sexual innuendos, which of course she plays along with because that’s a part of the game. But it shows that female emcees still aren’t taken seriously. As a journalist who primarily focuses on hip-hop, and a woman who is a hip-hop head, that’s frustrating. I want to see a real Nicki Minaj interview. I’m not knocking the flirting and sex talk, but it’s been done before, find a different angle (or at least, be creative about it). Plus, I think she has a better story than that. However, in any event, I wish her much success as this isn’t about the journalists (just a side rant).

She has recently released a new song called “Still I Rise” that you can download here. (Courtesy Jobari Johnson of hiphopgame.com)