Eyecandy x Bernice Burgos (@berniceburgos)

Eyecandy x Bernice Burgos

Eyecandy x Bernice BurgosEast Coast MP3 Model Of Day Bernice Burgos !

Bernice Burgos who is a model as well as is 100% Puerto Rican. She is the native of Bronx, New York and she had also made her appearance in a movie, several of the urban magazines, Hip Hop Music Videos as well as websites. In addition to that, she had also appeared in different print publications which also includes Show Magazine, KING Magazine, XXL Eye Candy, The Source, SHOW Black Lingerie and the video shoots with the Black Men Magazine and the Hot New Hip Hop.

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Eyecandy x Jessica Kylie (@therealjkylie)

Eyecandy x Jessica Kylie

Eyecandy x Jessica Kylie

Jessica Kylie Zepeda, formally known as Miss Rabbit, is a culturally diverse, curvaceous bombshell. Born on April 30, in Houston, Texas, this half Irish, half Latin accomplished talent is overstepping her boundaries. While juggling the demands of being a single mother, her astute personality and ambition allow her to travel the world, model, and grace the covers of multiple magazines, all with an inexhaustible stride. Her initiative and easy going personality have allowed her to tap into new endeavors, such as being a personality on the latin television station, Mun 2. This is not the limit for this divine silhouette. She intends to continue and humbly further her career as a model and aspiring actress, all while starting her own clothing line which allows her to manifest her love for fashion. Jessica Kylie is a force to be reckoned with, and anyone who has the delight in working with her will be pleasantly content with her work ethic and with what she delivers. Keep a look out for Jessica on the BIG screen!


East Coast Finest Model Day Model Of Day Tresure P (@IAmTresureP)

East Coast Digital Radio Model Of Day Tresure P

East Coast Finest Model Of Day Tresure P

Model/entrepreneur /University of Houston Alumni Snapchat:TresureP

Model Name: Tresure P
Model Instagram: @iamtresurep
Model Location: Houston Texas
Photographer: IcedUp Photography
Photographer IG: @IcedUpPhotography
Photographer Location: Shreveport Louisiana

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