Eyecandy x Anna Maria Christina (@MissItalia)

Eyecandy x Anna Maria Christina

Anna Maria Christina is a curvy model from Italy. She now resides in Canada. Anna has been featured in several magazines, to include Curvehouse Magazine, Industry Magazine, and Diamonds and Pearls Magazine. Music videos, television, and film is also on her resume. She continues to embrace the industry and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Her measurements are 36-26-43

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Eyecandy x Anjelyze (@AnjelyzeXXX)

 Eyecandy x Anjelyze (@AnjelyzeXXX)


Anjelyze was born in Dallas but raised in Houston, TX. Now currently residing in Miami, FL where she is working non-stop to make dreams into reality. Being of Mexican, Haitian, and Italian heritage gives her an alluring unique look. Natural green/hazel eyes, long auburn hair, and a lightly tanned olive skin tone are just some of her exotic features. More than just visual aesthetics, she is a young woman who intends on getting her degree and owning several of her own businesses. Aspiring to be an entrepreneur, model, entertainer and more, Anjelyze is ready to leave her mark in the world.

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