Katrina BTS Photoshoot [Video]

Katrina was born in Rochester, NY on September 15th 1988. She is an exotic mix of African American, Puerto Rican, Sicilian, and Indian. She wanted to be a model from a very young age she would spend hours cutting out models from various fashion magazines and then posing them on her wall. She loved to dress up in her mother’s clothing and then pose like her favorite fashion dolls. Katrina spent her high school years acting in school plays and singing in her school choir. When she turned 20 she moved to Miami, FL to peruse her dream of modeling. Her experience in Miami gave her the courage she needed to take on the modeling industry. She moved back to Rochester, NY a year later to persue a degree in Travel and Tourism. Since then Katrina has been on countless websites and has hosted parties in NY and Miami. She is currently working on her website which should be released later this winter. For now Katrina is trying to make a name for herself with her grind and determination it is only a matter of time before everyone knows who she is. Katrina says, “I have been through many experiences in my life that have made me the women I am today. I know if I try hard and stay focused I will achieve anything I settle out to do”.


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